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« le: jeu. 9 juin 2005, 14:03:37 »
Hi there, I am doing an exhibition about radiohead in copenhagen
Denmark. I am
looking for these 5 radiohead releases from france for the event.
I was
hopeing that you could help me, or maybe knows someone who can?......
from Denmark. karsten.

ps. Used cd is ok.

radiohead: creep. cat nr..... SPCD1913
1 track. creep.

radiohead: let down. cat nr.... SPCD2228
1 track. let down.

radiohead: Live at the astoria. cat nr....SPCD1831
3 track. 1. my iron lung 2. just 3. maquiladora.

radiohead: live au forum. cat nr.... SPCD1903
4 track. 1. just 2. bones 3. planet telex 4. anyone can play play guitar.

radiohead: creep black sessions. cat nr....724388067928
4 track. 1. creep 2. the benz 3. prove yourself 4. creep.

karsten roejkjaer
stefansgade 15-2th
2200 copenhagen n.
Denmark. :D


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