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Re : Revue de Presse de RH
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On peut faire le deuil d'un AMSP from the basement...

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Re : Revue de Presse de RH
« Réponse #692 le: mer. 14 mars 2018, 19:35:16 »
Jonny joue aux questions/réponses dans le Guardian (14/03/2018)

Extraits :
Deschain: If Radiohead’s music and sound was to be represented by a single film, which film would it be?
JG: Still on the PTA jag, his Punch-Drunk Love is very Radiohead.

Karsten Walter: And could you make a solo album that’s just like Idioteque for nearly an hour?
JG: Idioteque is actually made from a short chunk in an hour-long – “performance” isn’t the word – aimless arseing around with modular synthesisers and turntables. In any case, it’s not worth hearing. Thom slogged through it and found that little section that became the basis for that one song. He didn’t look very refreshed when he’d finished. I don’t think you’d enjoy all 60 minutes.

TheJoyOfEssex: Who is the hardest member of Radiohead?
JG: It’s not a very strong field. Having said that, Ed’s had boxing training – he was sparring with the head of our concert security on the last tour – so he’s probably quite tasty. But also the most placatory and pacific of all of us. I reckon Philip would be pretty handy if he had his wild up with someone. Unlikely, but still, don’t push him. The rest of us are … not a threat.

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